Our Mission Statement:
Not every person or disability is the same. We believe that not every service dog should be trained in the same way.

Our educated, dedicated staff will take the time to listen to the needs of the disabled.
This will help us determine how their dog should be custom trained.

Our dogs are trained for:
Allergy Alert
Diabetic Alert
Hearing Alert
Vision Impairment


Who We Are

Our Director Elizabeth Morris researched many Service Dog Companies both in The United States and outside the United States in order to design the best possible option for those in need of a Service Dog.

Many Service Dog Organizations do not custom train a service dog. All their dogs are trained in the same way. Along with the training being the same way they have restrictions such as age and locations of where one lives.

Elizabeth Morris listened to the desires of the disabled and custom designed a service dog company that would better suite those in need.

With SDFI there is:

1: No age requirement. We do not discriminate for any age. As long as there is someone in the home willing to work the service dog we will place a service dog.

2: ALL service dogs are custom trained to fit the individual

3: There are no unrealistic waiting periods

4: When the service dog is done being trained Elizabeth or one of her educated trainers will deliver the service dog to the person within the United States. At that time our trainers spend several days with the person teaching them how to work their service dog. This gives the person the ability to have a successful and lasting relationship with their service dog.

Delivering a service dog to someone is something that is much needed. Can you imagine loading up your disabled child, or yourself flying to a location for two weeks to get paired up with a service dog only to find that one does not fit?

 At that time you go home empty handed to be put back on a waiting list.

 If you are lucky enough to get paired now you have to struggle back on a plane with your new service dog your disabled child or yourself. You then have to get your new service dog used to your home and your environment. What a nightmare for all involved.

Delivering the service dog not only helps the dog but those that receive their service dog.

Our company dose offer the option for you to join us for your one on one personal training on how to handle your service dog if you wish to travel here to the beautiful mountains of Catalina located in Tucson AZ.

Elizabeth : Founder / Trainer

Her love for all breeds of dogs started when at a young age. She began showing Bull Mastiffs and Golden Retrievers in the AKC Show ring in 1998. This gave her the experience of not only showing , training but breeding good quality happy dogs. When a family member was diagnosed with  Mitochondrial Disease she heard of Service Dogs but was unaware that there where dogs for more then the blind or deaf. So, in 1999 she and her family started the intensive search to get her Nephew a Service Dog for his specific needs. She not only ran across those that were unwilling to train a dog for a young child but also all different kind of rules and regulations and unrealistic fees.

This prompted her to take her knowledge of showing and training dogs and search out an education to train her nephews own Mobility Service Dog .  In culmination, the dog not only helped her nephew in his every day life, but also gave him that companion ship that he had lost with his peers. And from that experience Service Dogs For Independence was created.

Elizabeth is accredited in the following areas:

Social Behavior And Communication  Issues       

  Dog Breeds  
How Dogs Learn
Basic Veterinarian Care                                          Conditioning        

Competition Obedience 

Applied Dog Behavior                                                 Hunting Training 

Testing And Selection Of Dogs            
 Assistance Dogs  ( AKA as Service Dogs )
Training For Mobility , Psychological 
                           Agility Training                                         
Canine Equipment    

Search And Rescue Training

Commands                                                 Recreational Activities With Dogs

Scent Training used for Seizures , Diabetic and Allergy

Elizabeth is surrounded by her team of  

professional's that help with the daily training and operation of the company. If it was not for her devoted team Service Dogs For Independence would cease to exist.

Service Dogs For Independence

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