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These dogs are valuable assets for the person returning to the work force or school because they decrease dependence on other people. When the dog-human team is out and about in the community, a definite change in the way the general public perceives disability, is readily seen. 

For hundreds of years our government has held a “hands off” policy regarding people with disabilities and until recently, as a society, we have successfully hidden people from the general population.

Retrieve dropped items
Bring the phone
Carry items in a dog backpack
Open doors in the home
Hit open doors buttons in public
Assist with undressing by pulling on clothing
Open drawers and cabinets
Provide emotional and spiritual support

 Mobility Assistance Dogs can benefit  all with a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to:

Spinal cord injury
Brain injury
Muscular Dystrophy
Spina Bifida
Cerebral Palsy
Balance probles (Ataxia)


Service Dogs For Independence