Handicap Button Training Mittens

People often ask:

" Why are service dogs so expensive ?"

 "Why dose it take so long to train?"

" Why would a dog fail ?"

Let this video be a good lesson ad information for all seeking questions .

Sully A Mobility  Dog

Team Lauren and SDFI Seizure Dog 2015

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Ben Meets Josie

Zoey Alerts Before Seizure

Diabetic Dog

Pooh Helps Marrisa

Marine  Gets Service Dog

Service Dog Helps Soldier

In memory of Lauren

Thank you Team Lauren , Small Angels SDFI

A  Thank You For A Seizure Dog

Joush Provides , Hutchinson , Team Lauren and SDFI

Team Lauren and SDFI Help Those Get Seizure Dogs

PTSD Dog For Veteran

Service Dog Helps Marine

Service Dog Doing  Crowd Buffering

Team Lauren 2016 ! Thank you

Seizure Alert Dogs Team Lauren and SDFI

A rescue dog gives a veteran love !

Mastering Leadership 1 through  6

Mobility Dog

Kelly and her boy Hobbs

A seizure response dog

Keeve Meets Teresa

Service Dogs For Independence

Mobility Dog

Service Dogs For Independence Service Dogs Videos , Types of service dogs

Seizure Dogs 2015 !