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Service Dogs for Independence Testimonial.

I am elated to have my dog Curtis certified to be a Working Service Dog. There is nothing more rewarding than to have a well trained, True Service Dog.

I now have complete confidence and I am worry free where ever I take Curtis.

The Service Dog For Independence online process was easier than I had anticipated.

And there are many factors that attributed to the ease of making this possible.

For one,  the website tests are laid out in a very clear and concise manner.

Having had a brain injury, I tend to get very nervous.  But with the guidance and patience from Elizabeth Morris, I was able to handle the challenges of each test.

If I had to re do a test, Elizabeth was very concise with what was needed and required ,in order to pass.

She offered encouragement and enthusiasm which helped me push forward.

Each time I passed a test, I became more confident and wanted to take on more challenges with Curtis.

If you are considering taking on this course, you will be happy that you did.  It is rewarding, and can actually be fun if you just be patient with yourself and your dog!

I know of no other company that does it to perfection like SDI.

Thank you SDI for helping me and making my life easier with having Curtis certified. I feel blessed!

Mary-Ellen Swietlik